You’ve heard the phrase, “Mind Over Matter”.  A “healthy” mind is the starting point to a healthy and vibrant body.  Yet it’s a point that modern medicine neglects to “treat”.  All we need is to clean up our language, our limiting beliefs and our filtering system through which we see the world.  Join me on a holistic journey and together, with coaching and exercises, I’ll help you see how your “mind” (thoughts, feelings, reasoning) positions you with the life you currently live, and how that can be changed and redirected through mastering your fears (emotional and phsyical), allowing you to live the life you were meant to live!  Let’s get there, together.


We all know this, as it’s what Western Medicine focuses on, but the focus is to “fix the broken part”.  Looking at the body as an entire entity sometimes falls to the wayside. Whether you have pain, a sore muscle, tension or a broken bone, those issues throw the body out of alignment as you compensate to deal with the pain.  Massage, Reiki and adjustments to Diet can all help with this when you maximize your efforts in conjunction with Western Medicine.  As an Oncology Certified Registered Nurse who understands the importance of an excellent MD, I also realize that they can only do so much.  Assist them by doing your part.  I can help you realign your body!!


I see the Soul as the essence of who you are, the sparkle in your eye.  Where does that come from?  Connection with others, Love, Gratitude, Service, Intuition, Empathy and being aligned with who you are at your core.  The world we live in can dim that sparkle over time.  It’s our essence that works with our body and mind, to make everything work together, to move and to be.  We can train our Soul to connect with who we are by focusing on “what’s good” about our lives instead of “what’s missing”.  By practicing being fully “present”.  I believe that Volunteering, Reiki AND Coaching can help with that! Let me show you how!  If I had to use one word to describe the Soul, it would be LOVE…

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Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret To Better Work

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If we train to be average, we’ll succeed at being average.  How do we treat the outliers?


“Working with Carolyn changed my life. I work in counseling and am always looking for ways to improve myself so that I can live a better life. I was amazed at how skilled, and I believe gifted Carolyn is. Many people can be counselors or coaches, but not everybody has that special something. Carolyn is one of those special people who has the ability to truly help others and impact them on a profound level.”
“I could honestly say that throughout my 12 weeks coaching with Carolyn, I’ve discovered so many things I didn’t know about myself. It takes a very keen listener and one that can ask questions effectively (and strategically!) to dig deep down into places I’ve never been to inside my head. Thanks Carolyn for being part of my journey of fearlessness.”
“I learned to accept the truth that everything I do in life is a teaching experience. I am getting closer to living my truths and I know that there is a lot to still do (which is very exciting), but the progress I have made so far has me living as an artist who gets paid for her work. And when my New York Times bestselling book comes out, you will see Carolyn’s name in the acknowledgements section of my book.”
“I’m a believer!!!!! I really needed that today. It’s amazing how my stomach feels better after that massage. The relaxation combined with touch really worked for me. Thanks a million!!!!”